Professional Photography Attracts More Prospective Homebuyers

Virtually all home searches start online, and increasingly, with smartphones and tablets. Once a home is priced near the correct market value, it must compete with all of the other properties in that location, price range, and set of features.

The quality of the marketing photography is the single most important factor in getting potential homebuyers to come look at the property.  Michael Seiler, founder and director of the Institute for Behavioral and Experimental Real Estate at Old Dominion University conducted a study to learn how people interact with real estate listings online. He found that 95% of viewers viewed the first photo, usually the one that shows the exterior of the home, for total of 20 seconds before moving on to view the rest of the listing.

Without an eye-catching photo, the battle is lost before it begins, Professor Seiler says. You have to grab people’s attention within 2 seconds.

First Impressions Count

When selling properties Online, agents and web designers say that the pictures buyers see of houses for sale are often the first and sometimes the only chance for a seller to make a good impression. Less-than-flattering pictures can turn buyers off and lead to lonely open houses.One of the most overlooked aspects of real estate marketing is the quality of the photography. Digital photography today is ubiquitous and the technology has advanced to the point that everyone has the ability to snap images and instantly transmit them anywhere. The vast majority of real estate listings are shot with ordinary consumer level cameras that simply cannot overcome the complex lighting and spatial challenges presented when shooting the interior of a home.Even the best cameras can’t recreate what the human eye can see. Our unique photographic and post-production processes brings color-accurate light and depth to each final image and provides potential buyers with much more realistic and inviting view of your home.

Show it Off in High-Definition

Our high-definition virtual tours, which are set to gentle music, smartly portray the features of the home.  The high-definition images look stunning on all computers and mobile devices.

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